Dishwasher repair

Nowadays, when lifestyle is so busy and can be sometimes hectic, having broken dishwasher, which leaves you with dirty dishes can be a real issue at the end of the day. Do not panic and just call us. In general, our technicians repair units at the first visit; however, repair time depends on the availability of the parts.  It is very helpful for us if we get a description of the unit’s issue and model number from a customer over the phone before the visit. Our technicians do their best to repair your dishwasher promptly providing excellent service.

Symptoms of the appliance malfunctioning:

  • Not cleaning well or at all
  • Not draining the water
  • Not filling with water
  • Not turning on or starting
  • Not drying dishes
  • Taking long time for the cycle to complete
  • Control panel is not responsive
  • Dishwasher makes loud noise
  • Leaking