Oven repair

Finding your oven not switching on or not properly functioning is a big disappointment as it ruins your daily cooking plan for yourself or entire family. Your oven and range are the main components in the kitchen and when they stop properly operating it becomes a big problem for you. Do not panic and just call us. In general our technicians repair units at the first visit; however repair time depends on the availability of the parts.  It is very helpful for us if we get a description of the unit’s issue and model number from customer over the phone before our visit. Our technicians do their best to repair your oven or cook top promptly providing excellent service.

Symptoms of the appliance malfunctioning:

  • Range/oven showing error or fault code
  • Unit not heating
  • Unit doesn't bake evenly
  • Broiler not working
  • Burner won't light
  • Burners spark all the time
  • Oven temperature is not accurate
  • Oven light is out
  • Oven won't turn on
  • Oven not self-cleaning
  • Oven won't turn off
  • Oven fan won’t turn on
  • Control panel is not responsive
  • Gas smell
  • Top burners won’t turn off