Frequently asked questions about breakdowns of dishwasher



Water leakage on the floor when unit running

Water could leak from many places in the dishwasher like from the door seal, drain pump, hoses or sump. Inspection should be provided to determine source of the leakage

After cycle complete dishes still wet, even with hot dry feature on

It could be a problem with heater element in unit or no power to it from control board

Dishwasher does not drain water

Probably drain pump clogged or defective. Also could be the main control board malfunction

Dishwasher does not start

No power to dishwasher, water inlet valve issue, control board malfunction

After my front load washer finish cycle there is still water remains in the drum.

If water remains in the drum after unit finishes cycle it means that unit have an issue in draining system. There are could be a few reasons for this malfunction – control board or drain pump failure, clogged drain pump filter, obstruction in drain hoses, kicked drain hose etc. It needs to be provided proper diagnostic to define the problem.