Frequently asked questions about breakdowns of washer



After my front load washer finish cycle there is still water remains in the drum.

If water remains in the drum after unit finishes cycle it means that unit have an issue in draining system. There are could be a few reasons for this malfunction – control board or drain pump failure, clogged drain pump filter, obstruction in drain hoses, kicked drain hose etc. It needs to be provided proper diagnostic to define the problem.

Washer moving on the floor while working.

Washer load unbalanced. Washer should be paused and load evenly distributed in the drum manually. Also it could be slippery floor on which washer is standing like a tile or hard floor. In this case it’s recommended to install special washer foot pads to prevent unit from moving.

Loud unusual noise coming from washer when it’s draining water out.

An obstruction could be in drain pump or in drain pump filter - coins, pins etc. Potentially it could damage motor pump. Filter and pump must be cleared.

Washer makes loud noise and wobbling when on spin cycle.

It could be the problem related to the tub bearing – it could be worn out. It is dangerous as it makes a lot of stress on the tub, the CV joint, and the transmission itself. Unit should not to be used until proper diagnostic provided.

Water overfilling in the washer tub.

It could be caused by the water pressure switch malfunction. Sometimes it happens because a restriction in pressure switch hose and it needs to be cleaned or in it is defective and should be replaced.

No water coming to the tub after pressing start button.

Check out water tap. It could be might be closed. The washer inlet valve could be defective or main control board issue. Diagnostic should be provided.

What can cause the water leakage underneath of the washer?

Water leakage could happen for a few reasons like damaged washer tub, the crack or pinhole in drain pump, hoses. Also the leakage possible from broken water valves.

After wash cycle the washer not spinning on high speed

The washer not going to spin cycle because of the main control board malfunction, broken wire or drive motor issues. Unit needs to be properly diagnosed.

Control panel not responsive.

It could be user interface board or main power control board malfunction as well as a wire harness issue. Sometimes simple unit reset help resolve issue. If not control board should be replaced.

The washer is dead – no any lights on control.

In such case power supply should be checked out for proper voltage. If there’s no power in the power outlet main control board is defective and needs to be replaced.